Wednesday, April 23, 2014

C2E2 is THIS Weekend!! APRIL 25-27!!

(Cover to The PUNISHER #8, out this July from MARVEL Comics)

Heading to Chicago this weekend for C2E2 2014!

Come see me at Table O-4 in Artist's Alley! 

Tip: I'm near Ryan Stegman (Wolverine, Superior Spider-Man) and the stage in Artist's Alley.

I will also be doing signings at the MARVEL booth!

12-1pm on Friday (4/25) and 2-3pm on Sunday (4/27).

** I will also be on a couple panels. I'll try and update this when I know more, but stay tuned to my Twitter for more updates on dates and times.**

I'll have the following items for sale* at the table...

 Original art from Marvel Comics' THE PUNISHER

(Reserve a page now and pick it up at the show! Just use code "C2E2" at checkout and it will get rid of those pesky shipping charges.) Just come to my table and pick it up in person!

I will also have copies of...

  • The ACTIVITY Vol. 01 Tpb..............$15 (Includes a quick sketch done in every copy sold.)
  • The ACTIVITY Vol. 02 Tpb..............$15 (Includes a quick sketch done in every copy sold.)

I will be there all three days of the convention and will be doing sketches at the table. Sketches will be first come first serve, black and white (Possibly with some washes) inked on 9x12 bristol, I will only be doing "head and shoulders" sketches at this show in an effort to interact with fans more. Sketches will be $50 for a single character. Swing by and get a spot on the list! :D

*Cash and all major credit cards accepted (It might take a few tries. The 3G in the Convention Center is notoriously spotty.)

Looking forward to meeting and talking with everyone, come swing by and say hi!



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